Digital Design and Full Scale Strategies

Instructor: Andrei Gheorghe ( + guest instructors

LV S10233 – WS


Parametric Envelope Structures


Place and time:

Two Blocks (of 5-Days each) in November 2012 (Vienna) + December 2012 (Tel Aviv)

(additional deskcrits as needed)

 Introductory Session in Seminarraum A on WEDNESDAY 10.10.12 at 9:00 am


This class teaches the application of contemporary digital design and production methods. Student groups will generate knowhow through the analysis of reference examples, and will design parametric structures in full scale by using easily processable materials. The design process will be enriched with structural testing of parametric models in Rhino, Grasshopper and Karamba. Specialists from Bollinger+Grohmann Engineers will provide in-depth expertise during class. Virtual simulations of load bearing and aesthetic   behavior of envelope systems will be encouraged, special emphasis will be put on the successful interaction of digital design and production technology, primarily in architectural detailing.


The class will be offered in two blocks of workshop type, intense sessions of 5 days each. One block will be held in Vienna (12th-17th Nov. 2012), and the second one will be combined with a study travel to Tel Aviv (2nd-8th Dec. 2012). This seminar will be offered as a collaborative class with students and faculty from the Tel Aviv University, School of Architecture, Israel.


Flight: Students will be responsible for their flight purchase to Tel Aviv (approx. costs 250-350€ roundtrip)

Accommodation: synergies will be explored in collaboration with Israeli students

Model building material: approx. 50 € per student

The Institute of Architecture will partially financially subsidize these expenses.

Exam Procedures

Envelope structures will be built and exhibited in full scale (group work).

Attendance and participation is required throughout the whole design and production process.

Final jury review/ submission of a print medium/ a data CD.

Pedagogic Aim

Application of structural and aesthetic principles, knowhow in digital design (Rhino/Grasshopper/Karamba) and digital production methods (Laser, CNC). For students in Industrial Design, this course replaces the required course TK1 in the former diploma in architecture curriculum.


interest in digital design and production methods, AutoCad, Rhino, Laptop


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